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Links to Members’ Websites

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Liz Berg:  Liz Berg Art Quilts

Carol Anne Clasper:  Carol Clasper's Quilt Studio

Jodi-Marie Horne:  Quilts by Jodi-Marie

Peg Keeney:  Peg Keeney, Fiber Artist

Franki Kohler:  Fiber on the Wall

Linda McLaughlin:  Linda M Designs

Carol Logan Newbill:  Pisces Moon Studio

patsy monk:  Monk Ink

Liz Plummer:  Dreaming Spirals

Sue Reno:  Sue Reno, Fiber Artist

Teri Springer:  Fiber And Thread

Shelly Stokes:   Cedar Canyon Textiles

Linda Stemer:   Blueprints on Fabric

Desiree Vaughn:   Desiree Vaughn - Art Quilts and Fabrics

Weblogs (Online journals relating to art quilting)

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Liz Berg:   Creativity

Carol Anne Clasper:   A Stitch in Time

Anne Dovel:   Prairie Woman Arts

Peg Keeney:   Peg Keeney

Carol Logan Newbill:   The Elephant’s Child

Liz Plummer:   Dreaming Spirals

Sue Reno:  Sue Reno Studio

Teri Springer:   Fiber and Thread

Susan Wolf Swartz:   Wolfweave

Sue Uncapher:   What’s Up???